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We love comments, pro or con, so please tell us about your experiences using any of our gear.  You can either send comments directly to us at  rick@bareleatherworks.com or you can leave a comment at the comments link for each item.


April 2014


I received your note about the new site for Bare Leatherworks (congrats!) and eagerly signed up for the new site. You all made the very first flogger I ever used and purchased in 2002, and now 12+ years later you are still my very favorites (and the first one I bought—red & black deer—is still in incredible wonderful shape, despite having probably hundreds of scenes with it. Thank you). 



These are a few of recent testimonials and comments taken from our original website.


April 2014

These floggers are fucking beautiful! The craftsmanship and attention to detail are superb. I can't wait to try them out!
Thanks,  Jason

June 2013


I just wanted to send a quick note to say thank you for my new awesome flogger!  You guys have such great quality products and the turnaround on shipping is amazing!  I ordered Monday evening and had it yesterday for a party.  Thanks!!!   Abbie

Oct 2012

Your flogger is a beautiful beautiful piece of machinery. Just to let you know i have been sending people your link and telling them about your company. i hope this leads to sales for you. I will be coming back for all my floggers in the future. you are truly an artist.

Oct 2012

Hi Rick, I received the two floggers today and they are just lovely works of art! I am totally smitten with Bare Leatherworks' high quality products. It is amazing to me how well crafted and engaging the floggers are . Its like they just beg to be used.

Thank you!     Aaron

Oct 2012

Hi Rick,

Got the flogger in today. I love the feel and balance of it. I'm sure its going to be a pleasure to use. I'm also glad I didn't go with shorter fall, especially with the pro grip handle. I'm also glad about the 13" length. To have gone shorter would have been a big mistake. I might have even wished for forty falls but we're within the acceptable range.    Well, this makes four floggers from you and I'm proud to have each and every one.

Sincere regards and all my best,   Ron


Aug 2012

Order received within 24 hours! Thank a fellow Duvall resident, Randy, with whom I had a scene with on Monday. He brought a flogger he got from you guys and I was impressed with it, and how quickly his ass went from pink to red with it. Smile. Thanks again for such fast service. Al  

Jan 2012

 Rick, I have been playing with a flogger of yours for several years. My friends (and partners) love it. It's a cowhide handysize flogger, which is perfect for me, as I like to flog up close. And the idea of putting your "card" on the tiny tail hidden in the center of the flogger has allowed me to direct others easily to your website, for which I have been grateful. I know several of my friends have gone on to purchase from you. At a party on New Year's Eve, I impressed yet another friend with the quality of your merchandise, and happily directed her to you.      Your products are not simply well-made. They are uniquely and wonderfully crafted, and a pleasure to throw (and receive... I am a switch!)    Thanks, and good luck in your continued business. I know this economy is difficult for so many of the artisans in our community, and I hope you know that you have some devoted customers!


Nov 2011

 Rick and Jerry,

 I have to tell you that I am nothing less than completely astonished on all levels.

 1. I placed my order with you late in the day (CST) on Monday and, today, Wednesday, the item I ordered was delivered with no expedited shipping cost. No other company that I have ever dealt with, large or small, has fulfilled an order so quickly.

 2. The quality and craftsmanship that is evident in this flogger makes the price of $89 insanely inexpensive. I have seen comparable items priced at least twice as much.    I am not only completely satisfied with my purchase and your service, but practically overwhelmed. I hold you in the highest esteem and will recommend you enthusiastically.

 With very best regards,


 Oct 2011

Hi Rick,
 First off let me say, I know you'd never remember me, and I wouldn't expect you to. I was on the site just now and noticed how much you've grown since I placed an order with you about 12 years ago! lol  
    Just wanted to say that I am SOOO proud of your success! I recommend your products all the time, and can tell you that even after 12 years, my items look new and are as sturdy as the day I got them. I consider these items some of my most treasured belongings.....you don't find CARS that last 12 years ! haha
    Anyway, much continued success to you!
Jennifer, AL

Aug 2011

Hi, Rick.

 Just wanted to let you know, we absolutely love the moose flogger. My wife says she loves the heavier feel and it allows for more of an "impact" without the sting left by the basic leather "mini" flogger we had before. The softness also allows for a nice teasing drag before the actual flogging.
      Awesome product, and I see more shopping in our future. 
Thanks again,
July 2011

Hi Rick and Jerry..

Thank you for the speedy delivery of this beautiful fullsized, mid-weight black/purple flogger. I absolutely love it. The quality seems resiliant and I have faith it will last many years. Your craftsmanship is outstanding hence I can tell you take pride in your work and enjoy what you do.

I know I will be a lifelong customer and will refer as many friends as I can to Bare leatherworks. Now, I can't wait to break it in with Mr Vanilla :)

Thanks again Wendi, California 

May 2011
Hi Rick
 Just wanted to let you know your gear just arrived. I have to say over the last 10 years of inspecting, selling and using toys, I rate your gear at the top. You guys rock. Thank you so much for trading with us!
Kindest Regards 
Poney, Australia 


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